Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"This and That"...the Fall 2010 Stringing Blog Carnival

I admit it, I've never written a blog before. And I admit it, I don't even know where to begin, so I'm just going to start typing and see what happens.

I've been pondering this for a few weeks now...how do I write about a piece I've created? What do I talk about? Well, I suppose I can start with the basics...I love green. I love brown. I love mixing metals. I love asymmetry, contrasting textures, and bringing a diverse selection of components and segments together into one, unified piece. I love long necklaces that I can layer up with shorter necklaces. I think all of that comes through emphatically with "This and That."

I can also talk about my inspiration for this piece. This is where things get a little funny for me. The thing is, when I design a piece like "This and That," it just "happens". I don't plan, I don't sketch. I just sit down with the ideal artist's palette...a pile of beads, some bits and pieces of chain and cording, maybe some wire, and tools. Then I just go. I find that if I spend too much time actually thinking through a project, it stymies my creative process. So, as a rule, I prefer to "do," not "think." And that's exactly what I did with "This and That."

My hope for this project is that it will inspire others to let themselves go, to NOT think through a piece, and just move forward with it as the piece dictates.

And, interestingly enough, that's what just happened with this blog.