Saturday, May 5, 2012

What makes a piece of jewelry a Statement Piece?

Check out the latest creation to emerge out of Artful Beads Studio...a pair of Wire Wrapped Gemstone Earrings.  The color palette is of Indian inspiration with the delicate gold wire and garnet gemstones accents.  A hint of green comes from a few tourmaline briolettes dangling softly from the wire.  I would absolutely throw these earrings on with a t-shirt and jeans for an afternoon out at a craft show or out to dinner.  I love a little sparkle as my accessory with jeans or a skirt.  The trend now is to wear Statement earrings with a bracelet and skip the necklace altogether.  It doesn't mean that the earrings have to be humongous gold hoops!  The bright color could be the statement that draws the eye and makes it stand out as an accessory.  The unusual design and shape of the earring can make it intriguing .  They don't have to be huge...they just have to be spectacular!  This style is trending from couture evening wear to career wear and everything in between.   Pair these earrings with a black dress for a cocktail party or a wedding and you won't need any other accessories!!