Thursday, March 21, 2013

Transition from Winter to Spring

Who doesn't love going from winter to spring?  The promise of warmer weather and having the sun out longer is definitely a reason to celebrate.  But the change in weather doesn't happen overnight despite the calender telling us that it is spring and we still tend to wear boots and heavier coats well into April.  Just because we can't wear our favorite peep toes and short skirts just yet doesn't mean that our jewelry can't take the next step into spring.  Start making jewelry now that reflects the bright colors of the season ahead.  You may still be wearing your go to black pants and gray sweaters but your jewelry can reflect the bright hues of spring.  Neon colors are huge for the warm season this year so start by making a necklace or dangling earrings in a bright lime green or black with coral accents.  Just the pop of bright color will be invigorating and exciting.  Wear these new pieces with your winter wardrobe to start your transition into your brighter clothes.  The new jewelry you create will go perfectly with your spring wardrobe.  

Pantone named Emerald Green the new color of 2013.  This can be worn as an accent jacket with black and white or as the focal in your jewelry.  Search for the perfect centerpiece for a necklace in emerald or teal and finish the rest of the piece with funky chain in bright brass or copper.  This will look great with chocolate brown right now, and will compliment your white t-shirts and jeans come summer.  You may not be that excited to dig out your retro neon yellow fringe tee from the 80's (if anyone actually kept any clothes from that decade) but adding a hint of yellow to your jewelry in the form of chartreuse or jonquil gives a nod to the current trends without sending you into a Flash Dance frenzy.  After a long, cold winter we could all use some brightness in our life and starting with your jewelry is definitely the way to get rid of the winter blues.