Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What is your favorite bead weaving stitch?

A collection of simple Right Angle Weave bracelets.
I love bead weaving, and in my travels through the various stitches, I always seem to come back to Right Angle Weave (RAW). Whenever I teach a RAW project, if I make a point to state that it is RAW, inevitably I will hear from someone, "Oh no, I can't do RAW!”, or “I hate RAW!" Panic sets in, and I see fear in their eyes!

Beaded beads created with 3-dimensional Right Angle Weave.

Now I just start teaching the project step by step, and leave out the fact that they are learning RAW. Don't you know, they are able to learn and complete the project?!?!


I find RAW lends itself so well to creating a fabric that is lacy and fluid when done with seed beads. When using fire polished crystals, it becomes strong and can act as a platform for many different methods of surface embellishment and layering. RAW can act as a "bridge" between components when figuring out how they will connect.

A stunning bracelet created with a seed bead Right Angle Weave base.

Each time I think I have exhausted the uses for RAW, I discover a new and exciting application for this very "dreaded" stitch! I encourage you to dive into Right Angle Weave and see where it takes you, too!


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